6 methods of marking products

Laser engraving

A method used for permanent marking on metal, leather, wood and plastic articles. Engraving is durable and indestructible, giving a very elegant effect.

Pad printing

It enables various colours to be printed. This technique is characterised by the high quality and durability of workmanship.

Full-Colour print

This technique is characterised by more details, allowing printing within a full range of colours.

Doming - 3D sticker

The sticker is covered with synthetic resin. This is durable (protection against damage and discolouration) and impressive labelling technology.


Printing method involving stamping hot die on the leather or leather-like materials.

Highlighted logo

A special engraving illuminated from underneath by a white LED.

5 methods of marking / finishing boxes

Laser engraving

Available for metal and plastic models of boxes.

Pad printing

Available on almost all boxes.

Full-Colour print

Available on all boxes with Print inscription.

Hot stamping

An elegant marking method consisting of embossing sign together with a gold or silver foil. Available on: Giftbox, Casebox, Coverbox and even Easybox.

Glossy / matt finishing

Print boxes can be covered with a special foil that reflects the light (the effect of the glossy surface) or absorbs it (the effect of the matt surface).

Data uploading

Our USB flash drives may be delivered with recorded contents (such as presentation, catalogues, promotional materials, etc.). We only offer an upload service, we don't create a presentation, don't make partitions or secure them.

Fast delivery

Your order will be shipped in the shortest possible time. Completion date depends on the used technology and kind of the product.

Production time for USB flash drives and mouses:
without marking – up to 2 business days,
with laser engraver – up to 3 business days,
with printing – up to 4 business days.
Production time for Power Banks:
without – up to 3 business days,
with laser engraver – up to 4 business days,
with printing – up to 5 business days.

Boxes and accessories - The current set of packages and new naming.

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